Pages to get bitcoins quickly 2020

how to get bitcoins

First get a wallet by registering There are many pages where you can find them, for example:
When you have the wallet you will be assigned an identifier of 27 to 34 alphanumeric characters. Example: 13u2J3oyHjgLYuChtCkRdpsMRtNcFu6QAB with this number will send you bitcoins

When you have that identifier go to the pages that give you bitcoins (faucets) or you can register at on this page  to register and use your wallet ID to accumulate them and then send them to your wallet since faucethub has several pages to obtain bitcoins now go to the pages and use the identifier and paste it or put it where it says: put your wallet in the solution of the captcha bitcoins that sometimes accumulate on the page and when you want send them to Faucethub and then from Faucethub send them directly to your wallet

Wallet bitcoins :

( Dep. Min. amount is 0.00101 BTC )

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Faucet pay :
exchange of currencies (payeer,paypal etc.)
Faucet pay page list
Once registered in 2 captcha do the little exam (I recommend installing 2Captcha bot application)


other pages of bitcoins :


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